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Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website. Hello friends every one need Free Traffic  on his/her website or youtube videos. There are many ways to get more visitors on your site or increase your youtube video views. In this tutorial i will show you few option to get more traffic the  options i am gonna show you are not secret i think every one know  about those options. But if you don’t know then read following article carefully to to know about some method to getting Free Traffic.


Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

So You have following options to get Free Traffic.

1: Learn SEO.

Free Traffic

Seo is the best option to get more traffic to your website and easily increase your traffic.  Seo is not so hard to learn  every one can learn i will share some tutorial for peoples who don’t know about seo. Check this tutorial About Seo

 2: Buy traffic

Buying traffic is the most easy way to get traffic. There are many sites who offers you to buy traffic and increase your page views by giving them few dollas. I don’t want to mention those site name here but if you are interested you can search on google in this option. You have to just pay some money via your online money transfer account like payza or paypal and need to enter your site link.  Where you need more page views and some more info like your name etc..
But  i suggest you to never choose this option reason 1 when you buy traffic you have to pay which mean waisting of money. Because they will send fake traffic on your site so don’t waist your money in such as useless method to get traffic on you website or youtube video. Reason 2  if you choose this option you will lose your google adsense account if you have.

3: Try any Free Traffic increaser  site 

Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

Getting traffic from any auto traffic increaser site is not different then buying traffic. This is the same method like buy traffic but in this method you don’t need to pay money yes it’s free. But don’t say wow free traffic because in this method you need to earn points.

How To Earn.?
After creating your account on free traffic sites they will give you an application link you need to install that software after installation just run it and login your account and click start.

What kind of application they will give you.?
The application they will give is like a browser this browser will visit many site automatic  from your ip address You have to just run it and they will send you traffic after earning point by running their software.

Is it safe to get free traffic from free traffic genrator sites.

Of course not it’s same as i say in buying traffic method this is just cheating by doing cheating you will got fake traffic. Which is useless and risky and if you are doing it to earn money then forget it. Because you will lose your advertising account like google adsense because nobuddy likes cheating. So Don’t  choose this option.

Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

4: Free Traffic through Social sites

Just share your site link or video link everywhere on facebook google twitter and other social site this is the best why to get traffic by just sharing your article link or video link on your social account. When you share your article link on your facebook timeline just tag your friends in your post so your link will be appear on your friends timeline too.
And say your friends to share your post also create your facebook page with your site name and share your all post link on that page so when some one visit your facebook page he/she will visit your site by doing this you will get many visitor on your site.

Is it safe.?

Of course it’s 100% safe you are getting original traffic. Which makes your site more popular and if visitor like your article he/she will visit your site again and again the traffic you will got by doing it is adsense safe method. So you don’t need to worried you can do it without any tension.

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