Sunday , November 19 2017

Convert your Photo to Pencil Sketch in photoshop

Photo to Pencil Sketch

In this tutorial i will show you how to convert your Photo to Pencil Sketch by using adobe Photoshop. You will dont Need any other Skill or software or any Internet connection  just Need adobe photoshop and one image. So first of all open your image in adobe photoshop which …

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Backup And Restore Blogger Template

sometimes we need to do some important setting in our blogger template  and need to edit our template but  what’s happen if we do any big mistake in editing?  if we do a big mistake in template editing we will get many errors and it’s take so much time to …

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Make water effect photoshop

water effect photoshop

Making water effect photoshop in not so hard infact it’s too easy you can make water waves in photoshop easily. In this tutorial i will show you how can you make water waves in photoshop which looks real so let’s start by opening photoshop. Make water effect photoshop First change …

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windows not genuine fix error

windows is not genuine fix

If you  have  installed pirated Windows  then  after few weeks you will get This copy of windows not genuine fix error. Your screen will be black and whenever you start your computer you will see this  copy of windows not genuine fix error. In this tutorial i will show you …

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Add Open Graph Facebook in Blogger Blog

Open Graph Facebook

Open Graph Facebook og: Type helps facebook robots to crawl  your website and show your web page title description and your article thumbnail with your website link on facebook. But it’s work when you have added Open Graph Facebook in your website head section. If you can’t see your post …

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How To Show Custom 404 Error Page in Blogger

Custom 404 Error Page

Custom 404 Error Page of blogger this page will appear when someone open a link which is broken or not found in your blogger blog. If  you don’t have custom page then blogger default page will appear. If you want set your own Custom 404 Error Page then follow below tutorial …

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Create Your Own Custom brushes In Adobe Photoshop

Custom brushes

By using brush tool we can make more beautiful Custom brushes in Adobe Photoshop. There are so many website where you can download many brushes but some times we need a special brush which is not available on any website. If you need then you can create your own Custom …

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How To Change Blogger URL Domain Name

Change Blogger URL

Many peoples make their blogger website  with wrong domain name (URL) or some times they make spelling mistakes in their domain name and wanna Change Blogger URL.  But many beginners don’t   know How to Change Blogger URL i make this tutorial to show you how to change blogger website …

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