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How to make Computer run faster

In this fast life every body use computer and face slow computer issue. One hour work take always two hour’s may be more then. But i have a trick to make computer run faster like Light and today i will show you this tutorial make Computer run faster also this tutorail will help you how to delete prefetch files. If your computer is running too slow then you can try following tip to make Computer run faster in this tutorial i will show you how to delete prefetch files.

How to make Computer run faster


About Prefetch
To see which programs are loading into Windows prefetch just open C:WindowsPrefetch directory. Depending on where your Windows is located this directory may be different. A troubleshooting step often performed on slow computers is to delete all the files in this directory since it can often contain prefetched files that are no longer being used.

How To Remove Prefetch Files?

You can easily Delete prefetch file by just going to prefetch folder
So first of all press win+R to open Run menu

make Computer run faster
make Computer run faster

Now in run menu type prefetch.

A new window will appear in this window you will see many files just delete them all now check your pc i sure your  Computer run faster.

make Computer run faster

that’s it. Hope you have Enjoyed this tutorial make Computer run faster. If you have any issue or any question about it comment below we will help you and reply you as soon possible. If you want to learn or request us any other tutorial also tell you i will give you.

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