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How to increase Alexa rank fast

How to increase Alexa rank fast. Alexa  show you your website traffic Rank if your site is getting huge traffic from search engines. Then you will see your site rank is higher  if your site is not getting traffic from search engines then you need to do something if you want traffic and in this tutorial. I will show you how to increase Alexa rank fastFirst of all you need to submit your website in famous search engines like Google  yahoo bing and also verify your site in google webmaster tools you can verify your site in google webmaster tools by following my tutorial.


How to increase Alexa rank fast

You can’t increase Alexa rank fast and your site traffic rank in minutes it’s takes some times  i think  few days  you can increase your traffic rank by doing following things. Install Alexa Traffic Rank extension in chromeAlexa Traffic Rank Extension look like following screen shoot.

increase Alexa rank fast

increase Alexa rank fast

My Website traffic rank is not good because my domain is just 5 days old You can download this extension and install it from chrome webstore just open chrome web store and search  Alexa Traffic Rank.

Alexa Traffic Rank extension is not a tool that increase Alexa rank fast your website traffic rank Alexa traffic extensions can help you to check your website traffic rank easily if some told  you that by just installing this extension you can increase your web traffic rank then it’s not true.

How to increase Alexa rank fast

Write Unique Content.


Content are important not only to increase Alexa rank fast  and your web traffic rank  but your site rank is depended on  your content. If you have unique content then your web visitors will like your site and they will visit your website daily. But if your content are copied from other websites and have don’t have then there is no chance to increase your website traffic rank so write your own content to increase your website traffic rank.

Write Content regularly.

If you are updating your site daily then you can increase Alexa rank fast and your website traffic Rank easily you have seen in many famous blogs but you know why they are famous because they are writing content regularly and after installing Alexa traffic extension you can see their traffic ranks so share new content on your website regularly

Share your content on social media.

When you create new article don’t forget to share it on social media by doing this you will get huge traffic and also your website traffic rank will be increased and if you have good content then your website will be famous. how to increase Alexa rank fast.

Put Alexa widget On your Website

Alexa widget also help you to increase Alexa rank fast and traffic ranking. Alexa widget will show your website current Alexa ranking status. Just  register your website to you will get alexa widget code  paste the code in  your blog footer or anywhere else.

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