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How to Write Post in Blogger Tutorial

How to Write Post in Blogger Tutorial. Yesterday my friend ask me to help him in creating his own blog. So today i wrote my first  tutorial on blogging guide. I think many peoples have visited my first tutorial on how to create blogger blog 

Creating blogger blog is too easy and i hope now you have your own blog after creating your blog. You have to make your blog beautiful by changing blog template. You can find many templates by just searching on google i have posted some templates here you can also download templates by visiting following link.
Blogger Templates

After getting your desired template.
Change your blog template by following my tutorial on. how to change blogger template.
But this is not a tutorial on template in this tutorial i am gonna teach you How to Write Post in Blogger.
So let’s start the tutorial.


How to Write Post in Blogger

1: Go To and and login your google account if you are already logged then blogger will not ask you to login.

2: click on new post option which is located just front of your blog title which is look like following image.

You can also create new post with another option which you can see when you click on your blog title in dashboard.

How to Write Post in Blogger

Ok after clicking on new post option a new page will appear with one input one big text area. And with some other options that options will help you to make your post more effective and easy to read.
Here are two types of text area in one you can write and customize your post automatic by clicking post customizing icons  in this page you can’t see your post html.

Change Font style:

To Change your  font type of your selected text just select your text to apply font and click F icon (font type icon)  button and select your desired font.

Click on your desired font name and see your text style is changed.

Change Text size:
To change text size select your text and  click on tT icon.
And select text size large largest  normal  or small with this button you can change your text size.


You can give heading to your selected text by using following tool.

Just select your text and select heading from heading tool as you see in Above screen shoot.

Bold text:
To make your text bold select your text and click B icon.

This option make your selected text bold.

make selected text Italic by just clicking onicon

italic text look like this text.

to make your selected text under line click on U tool

after selecting your desired text.

Strike through text tool:


Strike through text 

by clicking strike through icon you can make your text strike through
so your text look like this.

change text color

to change text color 
click on A
tool and choose  your desire color and click on it

change text background color of selected text:

you can also change your selected text background color by clicking on background color changer tool.

insert link in blog post
to insert link in selected text just click Link option

insert image in blog post:
to insert image in your post click on image icon
and select upload option to upload your image you can also import image from your Picasa account by URL or web cam.

insert video in your blog post:

to insert video in your post click on video icon and select video from your YouTube Chanel or  upload your video by clicking on choose video  button.

jump breaker:

after uploading just click on  select button.

to insert jump breaker click on jump breaker icon

Alignment tool:

to make your text alignment in right left or center click on alignment toool

numbered list:

the next tool is numbered list tool by selecting this tool you can give numbers to your lines  supose you write 4 lines just select 4 lines and click on it it gives numbers to your lines like 1 2 3 4

  1.  this is line 1
  2. this is line 2
  3. this is line 3
  4. this is line 4
tool icon look like following icon


this is also like numbered list tool but  it gives bullet style not number


  •  this is line 1
  • this is line 2
  • this is line 3
  • this is line 4
By selecting Quote tool you can make your text in Quote Style

This is Quote Text

Remove formatting:
by using this tool you can remove text format
i mean this tool make your text simple by removing text style color ETC..
spelling check:
a very useful tool  to check and fix your spelling mistakes.
translate tool:
this tool will not translate your post but allow you to write your post in your language just select your language by clicking following icon
select your language and write your post in your own language like hindi urdu farsi or other
left to rigt and right to left:
by using this tool you can make your text right to left or left to right.
This text is Right to Left:
This text is left to Right:
HTML editor:

and the other one is for advance users who have knowledge about html and css
in this text area you can write your post by using html and css and if you have knowledge about css and html then i don’t need to teach you how to write your post.

if you have any question or you faced any problem  you can ask me by dropping your comments.

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