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how to create animated globe forum ranks in adobe Photoshop

hi friends welcome again as you know by reading topic title that today i make a video tutorial on how to create animated forum ranks in adobe Photoshop if you are searching a tutorial on how to create globe forum ranks in Adobe Photoshop than you are at right place because this is a best tutorial after watching this video tutorial you will be able to create your own globe animated forum ranks in less than 5 minutes so i don’t want to waist your more time just watch below video and try.

step 1: Download any globe .gif from google
step 2: now open adobe Photoshop
step 3: go to file>open select globe that you download in step 1

step 4: now create a new file by pressing ctrl+n
file size weight 118
height 48

step 4: select shape tool and create a shape

step 5: now select all globe layers and drag them on shape as i do

step 6: select text tool and type your text on shape

step 7: click on create frame animation

step 8: click on more option icon

step 9: now click on make frame from layers

step 10: check visibility of text layer shape layer and one frame of globe
hide all other frames visibility

now click on play animation button if every thing is okay then save it
by clicking on file>save for web

if you have any question you can ask me in comments.



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