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7 Amazing Google tips and Tricks

7 Amazing Google tips and Tricks by TricksYear. Today i am going to share some useful  Google tips which very usefull to the all internet searchers. With help of these tricks you can move Google on your own finger Tips. Google tips  like How to calculate your tips , play game with google , dancing google page and many more other Tips and Tricks.

Google tips
Google tips

7 Amazing Google tips and Tricks

These Tips base on some special word when you type that words in google search box you Will see some thing. Then Dont waste any time and Let’s Start.
1: Calculate Your tips: 

Always we search Calculate or like this search on google but here is just 2 word type and see magic.

Just type (
tip calculator

) and it will display bill tip peoples just type and see.
2: Play game with Google

This Tip of Game lover who want to play Games in just click in your browser just Type Zerg Rush in the Google search bar and it will start a game, it’s really fun and cool trick. Just try it.

3: Dancing google page

I always love this trick this trick amazing Google Tips. Just type 2 word and see magic of Google tips.

Type (
Do a barrel roll

)in the Google Search Bar Google page will start rolling.
4: Tilt Google

0 Type (


) in Google Search bar and the Google page will be tilted.
5: Know The Sunrise time: 

If you want to know about Sun rising rime of your city then here it is Google tips.

Just type (
Sunrise yourcity

) and it will display you the exact time of the sunrise of your place. ( Replace yourcity with the name of your city ).
6: Easy Flight Info

Want to know about your flight ? Just type (
flight yourflightname

) and you will get the results ( Replace yourflightname with your flight name).
7: Use Google as a Timer

one more and last Google tips about Google timer.

Set your timer with the help of Google. Just type (

set timer 1 minute

) and it will be set for 1 minute, after 1 minute it will start ringing.

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