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Do you know meanings of HTTP WWW SMS DVD

many times you hear and read some short words like SMS WWW HTTP and many more
but do you know meaning of those words?
if you don’t know meanings of those words

then you will know  meanings of some words after reading this article

HTTP= Hypertext Transfer Protocol

WWW= world wide website

GPRS, global position research service

PC= personal computer

DVD= digital video disc VCD= video compact disc

LCD= liquid crystal display USB= universal serial bus

SMS=short message service

SIM=subscriber identity module

CNG =compressed natural gas

FM= frequency modulation

CDI=capacitor discharge ignition

ABC= alfa bravo charlie

DSL=digital subscriber line

CIA= central intelligence agency

I.Q= inteligence question

UPS= universal power supply

Lpg= liquified petrolium gas.

a.m= anti marradium

p.m= past marradium

e.g= for example

i.e= that is

OK= objection killed

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