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Computer slow to start fixed this issue

If Your Computer slow to start But after this post your pc start like rocket. Today i am going to give you a tip on How to fixed Computer slow to start. Its to easy you don’t need any software to do it first you have to know why your Computer slow to startup. Because there are many programs starts when you start your computer you have to stop some programs that starts when you start your computer .

How to fix Computer slow to start.

So lets Start Tutorial and fix this issue.
Step 1: Go to start >run or press win+r and type
mcconfig and click ok Like showing in below image.
Computer slow to start 3

When you click ok you will see an other window now click on start up.

Computer slow to start

Now in next page you can see list of programs Which Computer slow to start. Untick some programs like browser etc Which programs you don’t want to start with startup. This will help to fixed Computer slow to start.

Now power off the Computer and startup the Computer. I am 100% sure your issue fixed. Now in second’ your pc Ready to start and you leave life time issue of slow start up.

Computer slow to start

If your pc still Computer slow to start Comment below we will help you more. By doing this your computer will start faster then before. Hope you enjoy this tip which always help you a lot.

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