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Computer shortcut keys and Use full tricks

Computer shortcut keys and User full tricks Which help you to any where. Welcome to 92tricks as you know i shared many tips tricks on my this blog and i hope my all tips tricks are useful for you. So today i have some new tips for your Computer shortcut keys.
So let’s start.

Computer shortcut keys

Computer shortcut keys:


  • Win press window key to open start menu
  • win+m  apply to minimize all opened windows
  • win+L  press keys to lock keyboard
  • win+R apply to open run dialog box
  • win+shift+m apply to maximize all opened windows
  • win+E press keys to open my computer
  • win+F press keys to open search option
  • win+U apply keys to open utility manager
  • win+D press keys to view desktop minimize all windows
  • win+F1 to view detail window help page
  • win+pause to view system properties dialog box
  • win+tab move through task bar programs
  • win+f4 press keys to close active programs
  • Alt+enter apply to open properties of selected item
  • Alt+spacebar open system menu of active window
  • Alt+spacebar+n to minimize active program
  • Alt+spacebar+x to maximize active program
  • Alt+spacebar+m to move active program

Computer shortcut keys & Use full tricks:

How to Delete undelet able files from computer

There are many files in your computer you can delete some files. But some files are unremovable but you want to remove them  but when you try to remove you got error. So don’t worry here is a tip on how to delete unremovable files from your computer.

step 1: go start menu and restart your computer.

step 2: press f8 button between starting your computer when you see your computer name on screen.

step 3: after pressing f8 button a new window will appear.
In this window you will see starting options select safe mode.

step 4: After login in when you see your desktop.
Select and delete unremovable files.
Again restart your computer congrats your unremovable files are deleted.

How to clean your computer ram

There are Lot’s of software  that offer RAM optimization and promise PC speed up for fee. But if you don’t want to waist your money in to clean and optimize your computer RAM then you can do it by making your own ram cleaner.

Computer shortcut keys & Use full tricks:

How to make RAM cleaner?

Step 1: open note pad by pressing win+r type run and press enter

step 2: FreeMem=Space(51200000) if your RAM is 512 MB

FreeMem=Space(102400000) if your RAM is 1GB
FreeMem=Space(204800000) if your RAM is 2GB
FreeMem=Space(409600000) if your RAM is 4GB

step 3: Save file as VBS extension.
click on file save
select all files from save as type file name ramcleaner.vbs
step 4: again open notepad and make an other file with same process as we make ramcleaner.vbs But this time enter mystring=(80000000) into notepad.
step 5: finly open both files one by one.
How to open files its easy for every one those files are like other files just duble click on file name.

How to Delete temp files to make your computer fast

By using this tip you are going to delete fils from temp folder  temprary files are stored in temp folder
and you can delete them and it’s not harmful for your computer.

step 1: Go to start menu click on run or press win+r to open run menu

Now type %temp%

Computer shortcut keys
Computer shortcut keys

step 2; select all files and remove them

Computer shortcut keys
Computer shortcut keys

Check your computer speed after removing temp files. Hope you will get useful Computer shortcut keys which help a lot. If you want to ask any question comment below.

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