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Change Photo Background In Adobe Photoshop

Hi friends welcome to another Adobe Photoshop tutorial.  If you are Adobe photoshop user then you know that the common way to change image background in Adobe Photoshop is making selection with Polygonal lasso tool. But there is another and easy way to Change Photo Background in Adobe Photoshop which easy way i think in this tutorial i will show you how to Change Photo background in Adobe Photoshop without using polygonal Lasso tool. So if we are not gonna use polygonal lasso then which is the tool that we can use to change image background? We can use eraser tool to change image background we can erase desired background and can set another and in this tutorial i will show you How.


Change Photo Background In Adobe Photoshop

So let’s start Change Photo Background by opening adobe Photoshop.
After opening Adobe Photoshop select and open your image that you wanna set as your background i select following images to make this tutorial.

change photo background

After open your background image open your  image you wish to remove the background you can also open both images by selecting them  pressing ctrl+ click on image.

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Now move your Photo layer on your Background image just click on image and move it like other documents by holding mouse pointer on layer and Dropping on background image layer.
Just press ctrl+a to select All then ctrl+x to cut.
And move it on background image by pressing ctrl+v.

change photo background
Change Photo Background

Now select eraser tool.

change photo background

And erase your photo background as i remove in following image.

change photo background

That’s it Change Photo Background.

change photo background

Hope now you able to Change Photo Background in Adobe Photoshop. To Ask me any thing just drop your comments below i will reply you as soon possible.

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