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How to Change Blogger Mobile view

How to Change Blogger Mobile view of blog. Mobile view is very important for your website if your site have on mobile then mobile users can easily access your site without taking so much time in loading. There are many template  that have their  mobile views. But for any reason if you don’t wanna Change Blogger Mobile view. Then you can use an other template yes that templates are blogger. Default  mobile view templates from blogger mobile view templates you can choose your desired template.


How To Change Blogger Mobile view?

As you know first you have to open in your browser. And then click on your desired blog title to go dashboard of your that blog. Now After that click on Template Option which is located in your blog dashboard at left sidebar the second last option.

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A new page will appear where you can see your current template. And some template that you can use for your blog.
But in this page you need to click Mobile view gair icon.

Change Blogger Mobile view

By pressing next and previews Arrows you can Change Blogger Mobile view. And also can see which template looking good for your blog so after selecting your mobile view click on save changes.

Change Blogger Mobile view
Change Blogger Mobile view

Your mobile view is successfully changed now mobile users can see your mobile view template.

Change Blogger Mobile view

Yes that was too easy for every one even you are beginner. But if you still have any question in your brain about this tutorial or you wanna ask me some thing else then just drop your comments. Hope You enjoy this Change Blogger Mobile view short effort.

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